About us

State of the art technology gives us the chance to improve human health conditions substantially. With the use of various imaging techniques, the human body and tissues can be examined in great detail which in turn makes it possible to analyze internal phenomena. Well educated and experienced doctors can give a diagnosis at the most specific and detailed level. There is, however, one fundamental problem – time. Fortunately, there are also well educated and experienced people who can make their work easier, faster, and much more efficient.

By connecting the new technology of medical imaging and the most advanced and futuristic solutions from the field of mathematics and computer science (machine and deep learning) we can provide doctors with all the necessary tools to work with medical images. Cancer Center applies deep learning techniques to the field of oncology/radiology. It has amassed a huge training set of medical images along with categorization technology that will allow computers to predict multiple diseases with better-than-human accuracy. In 2016, the company unveiled a new software algorithm to help recognize/diagnose lung cancer from PET images.

Our product

A medical platform for sharing medical images with other medical experts and pre-diagnose them with our award-winning algorithms. There will be other new algorithms (open source and commercial).

This platform helps people and other physicians to get a second opinion about their image data and pre-evaluate the diagnosis before the real one is made.

Platform for:

  • sharing medical images to experts
  • a remote cancer diagnosis
  • automatic diagnosis by deep learning algorithms (for pathology and radiology images) to make a better and faster diagnosis
  • education for radiologist, pathologist, students