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Piotr Giedziun

Piotr Giedziun

Co-founder, R&D, IT specialist and senior developer
Passionate Software Engineer with an interested in deep learning, highly scalable architectures and modern mobile technologies. Except for his engagement in an optimization of developing processes, it is necessary to accent his specialization in a domain of MRI diagnosis. He is an enthusiast of machine learning algorithms and clean code.

Witold Dyrka

Witold Dyrka, PhD

Co-founder, R&D, project Leader
The priceless member of our crew who found interesting to share his knowledge and experience in our projects and to be a leader of them. Under his command, we were able to develop our solutions of segmentation and classification for histopathology and MRI imaging and now we are entering int the PET imaging.

Grzegorz Żurek

Grzegorz Żurek

Co-founder, R&D
Mathematician with a passion for tasks (almost) impossible, yet with no success with finding ones. He connects his versatile skills in a domain of histopathological automatic analysis and diagnosis.

Marcin Wierzbicki

Jaroslaw Kwiecien

Data Scientist
The youngest member of our team. He’s fascinated with Artificial Intelligence techniques such as Deep Learning or Monte Carlo Tree Search. In the past, he specialized in algorithms and data structures and achieved several spectacular successes in competitive programming. A huge fan of functional languages.

Kuba Czakon

Kuba Czakon

R&D, Deep Learning Developer 
An outstanding specialist in the domain of convolutional neural network and transformations of images. His role in the team is developing and implementation of newest technologies from the domain of image segmentation and general medical science.

Marcin Wierzbicki

Damian Mirecki

Data Scientist
Computer scientist by education, but mainly interested in machine- and deep-learning as well as in optimization methods and algorithms. He has the most experience in computer vision and in signal processing.

Marcin Wierzbicki

Katarzyna Stachow

Scrum Master, Accounting
I am passionate about agility and helping companies discover more effective practices for managing work and people. I also love teaching organizations how to be Agile using Scrum.

Business Development & Advisors

Piotr Krajewski

Piotr Krajewski

Co-founder, CEO
A man with a passion and a need to make the world better place. He not only started this entire project but sill provide an inspiration and creates an environment to developing our solutions.

Karol Kozak

prof dr hab. Karol Kozak

Co-founder, University Hospital Dresden, Germany Market
Prof. Karol Kozak is in charge of Biomedical Computer Science Unit at Fraunhofer Society and Medical Faculty, Dresden University of Technology. He plays a leading role in defining the strategy for organizing management of large scale image data. He is responsible for internationalization of R&D activities between industry & academia.

Simon Nadolski

Simon Nadolski

Business Development UK
Simon worked as a Director of Operations for a successful health startup in London, which he helped to grow from 6 to over 100 strong, meanwhile building his own property investment business. Previously, he was a web developer and a project manager. He studied in the USA and Denmark, obtaining an MSc in Economics and Business Administration.

Simon Nadolski

Louis Costa

Director of Business Development, US
Driven tech entrepreneur in the US and Europe last 20+ years. Louis has established
successful companies in US and EU working with physicians, hospitals, clinics,
research scientists, engineers and other technical experts in their businesses
specialized in medicine, IVD diagnostics, DNA microarray, cancer models, biomaterials
for bone replacements, IoT applications for industrial process monitoring and many
other specialties.
With background in electrical engineering in the US and graduate studies in business
administration in Europe, he is focused on using a systems thinking in developing
business strategies and marketing approach to implement a differentiated and
compelling case to connect with decision-makers. He is in charge of developing the US
market based in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Medical Advisors

Urologists (Prostate Cancer)


Krzysztof Rożnowski MD

Krzysztof Rożnowski MD

Urologist, FEBU – Member of Polish Urological Association and European Association of Urology
Certificate: Hifu-Ablatherm500; Focal One;
He is passionate about hir work, especially in the area of ​​developing low-cost treatment techniques

Krzysztof Rożnowski MD

Jacek Wilkosz MD

Urologist, FEBU – Member of Polish Urological Association and European Association of Urology
Skills and expertise: Prostate Cancer, Urologic Oncology, Endourology, Prostate Transrectal Ultrasound

Krzysztof Rożnowski MD

Artur Bartczak MD

General surgeon, surgical and forensic pathologist,
Surgical Pathologist, Department of Pathology Pulmonary Hospital in Zakopane. A member of the council of Polish Society of Pathology, United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology, Vice President, Polish Association of Pathologists and Cytopathologists.

Krzysztof Rożnowski MD

Pawel Kolodziej MD

General surgeon, surgical and forensic pathologist,
Senior pathologist, diagnostician at Sokolowski Hospital in Walbrzych, the surgeon in the medical unit. Pawel is interested medical algorithms in pathology, molecular pathology (proteomics), photodynamic therapy. A member of the council of Polish Society of Molecular Pathology.

Krzysztof Rożnowski MD

Łukasz Fuławka MD

Surgical pathologist, molecular pathologist,

Senior pathologist at Lower Silesian Oncology Center in Wroclaw. Lukasz is interested in development and implementation of new technology in the field of digital pathology and molecular pathology. A member of Molecular Pathology Workgroup of Polish Society of Pathology.

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