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We’re in nVidia Inception Program

We've just got the email from nVidia: "Congratulations! You’re in Inception. After careful review, we have determined Cancer Center is a great fit for NVIDIA’s Inception Program. Thank you for advancing the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in a meaningful way!"...

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Cancer Center in MIT

We are going to join to the MIT Health Track. The MIT Enterprise Forum (MITEF) Startup Competition is a technology accelerator organized by local chapters of MITEF. If you have an exciting new product or service, participating in MITEF Poland’s Startup Competition...

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What is cancer?

Each cell in the human body must follow certain control processes, rules, and regulations as it goes from birth, growth, then to death. Whenever these mechanisms fail to control the cell’s growth, which is due to most cases some genetic damage to the genes—this marks...

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