Web software for medical image processing and analysis

In cancer diagnosis and therapy, medical image processing and analysis needs the ​combined opinion of many experts. To clarify, pathologists, radiologists, geneticists and oncologists work together to find best solutions. Firslty, the amount of data is huge. Futhermore, the overall decision process takes a lot of time. However, there is a cure for this disorder. Secure and Compliant Cloud Platforms with algorithms based on collecting big data solve the problem. Both tools enable patients and doctors to share images. Most of all they provide an automated, accurate pre-diagnosis.


PathoPlatform is a digital pathology and AI assisted platform for perfect tissue examination​.

Main functions:

  • image segmentation and classification of tumor cases from histopathological samples
  • description and standarization of the sample
  • supported by AI analysis with ± 90% accuracy
  • Segmentation, Gleason score, Metastatic classification, etc.

PathoPlatform can be used together with PathoCam – the desktop software for a microscope camera.

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Radiology Platform

Radiology Platform is a DICOM web viewer which helps to analyse Radiology images (MRI, CT, USG and others). Thanks to built-in AI modules it supports radiologist in medical image processing and analysis.

Main functions:

  • Segment & Classify Cancers with accuracy​
  • Classify tumors into benign or malignant
  • ​Share the files for second opinion ​
  • ​Predict and detect metastasis with accuracy ​
  • Use Deep learning algorithms (± 90% accuracy)​

This GPU-based solution is 5 times faster than standard.  It is also a great tool for web and mobile Big Data Optimisation.

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