Breast Cancer Images

Cancer Location: Breast


  1. Source: The Cancer Imaging Archive (TCIA) Public Access*
    • This CBIS-DDSM (Curated Breast Imaging Subset of DDSM) is an updated and standardized version of the Digital Database for Screening Mammography (DDSM). The DDSM is a database of 2,620 scanned film mammography studies. It contains normal, benign, and malignant cases with verified pathology information. The scale of the database along with ground truth validation makes the DDSM a useful tool in the development and testing of decision support systems. The CBIS-DDSM collection includes a subset of the DDSM data selected and curated by a trained mammographer. The images have been decompressed and converted to DICOM format. Updated ROI segmentation and bounding boxes, and pathologic diagnosis for training data are also included.
    • Collection Statistics
      Modalities: MG
      Number of Patients: 6671
      Number of Studies: 6775
      Number of Series: 6775
      Number of Images: 10239
      Image Size (GB): 163.6
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* Cancer Imaging Archive is a freely accessible repository containing medical images and supporting data from cancer patients. Images are stored in DICOM file format. The images are organized as “Collections”, typically patients related by a common disease (e.g. lung cancer), image modality (MRI, CT, etc) or research focus. Search functionality allows users to query across Collections or within them to filter out only the data they are most interested in.


 2. Source: National Biomedical Imaging Archive (NBIA)
    • NBIA provides access to imaging resources that will improve the use of imaging in today’s biomedical research and practice.
    • Collection Statistics
      Modalities: MG (Mammography), MR (Magnetic Resonance)
      Number of Series: 373
      Number of Images: ≈40460
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