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Faster cancer detection with Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning

Image digitalization

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Manual Whole Slide Imaging Software. Digitizes laboratory slides by using only personal microscope equipment and a camera.

AI in digital pathology

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Web-based application. Enables to view, analyze, share pathology images and apply AI modules to support pathologist decisions.

AI in radiology

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​DICOM web viewer that analyzes radiology images (MRI, CT, USG, and others). Works under AI modules and supports the diagnosis.

Cancer Center – AI in Oncology benefits

Using AI and Deep Learning in Cancer Diagnosis makes the whole treatment much more efficient. Specialized algorithmic solutions analyze medical images for pathology and radiology. Althought AI will never replace doctors, it may significantly improve their tasks. Firstly, algorithms are more accurate than human eye. Secondly, they are much faster. In short, benefits are numerous for all involved groups.

  1. Store vast amounts of image
  2. View images from many access points simultaneously
  3. Improve doctor to doctor cooperation within the organization as well as outside
  4. Make use of computer aided intervention tools and share the results easily
  5. Increase output by detecting more cases in less time
  6. Improve patient outcomes thanks to personalized therapies
  7. Enhance service quality – faster and accurate diagnosis
  8. Save on cost and time by reducing patient length-of-stay and minimizing resources required to treat a patient
  9. Enhance staff satisfaction by reducing manual, repetitive tasks and preventing physician burn out
  1. View picture as a data
  2. Work more efficiently and diagnose more patients in less time by speeding up case review
  3. Describe every image with a plurality of relevant attributes like: size, location and morphology
  4. Use a formal, accessible, shared, and broadly applicable language for diagnose representation
  5. Extract qualitative and quantitative characteristics out of medical images using different modalities including CT, MR, PET, etc.
  6. Exchange knowledge
  7. Improve accuracy and compare diagnosis
  8. Get more free time for rest… or more complex cases
  1. Compare with algorithmic solutions
  2. See other cases
  3. Share experience with other patients
  4. Get your diagnosis and results faster
  5. Receive more effective treatment thanks to precise diagnosis and personalized therapies
  6. No more misdiagnosis and unnecessary surgeries or procedures

Cancer Center – News about AI in Oncology

Best thesis in computer science

Best thesis in computer science Our CTO, Jarek Kwiecień was once again rewarded for his outstanding talent in computer science. He is the winner in the competition for the best master's thesis in computer science. His winning work was titled "Determination of...

AI at MEDICA 2022

AI at MEDICA 2022 Cancer Center.AI was at MEDICA 2022 in Dusseldorf. We had an outstanding opportunity to talk to a wide public about "Faster cancer detection with Artificial Intelligence and deep learning" during the Session “AI & BIG DATA - Thriving, surviving...

The 22th Congress of the Polish Society of Pathologists

The 22nd Congress of the Polish Society of Pathologists The 22nd Congress of the Polish Society of Pathologists took place in Poznań on the 13-15th of October 2022. This year's motto was: "Pathomorphology worth knowing. Time for a comprehensive morphological...

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