Prostate Cancer Images

Cancer Location: Prostate


1. Source: The Cancer Imaging Archive (TCIA) Public Access*
    • SPIE-AAPM-NCI PROSTATEx Challenges
      This collection is a retrospective set of prostate MR studies. All studies included T2-weighted (T2W), proton density-weighted (PD-W), dynamic contrast enhanced (DCE), and diffusion-weighted (DW) imaging.
      The prostate MR imaging was performed at the Radboud University Medical Centre (Radboudumc) in the Prostate MR Reference Center under supervision of prof. Dr. Barentsz. The Radboudumc is located in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. The dataset was collected and curated for research in computer aided diagnosis of prostate MR under supervision of Dr. Huisman, Radboudumc.
    • Collection Statistics
      Modalities: MR
      Number of Patients: 346
      Number of Studies: 349
      Number of Series: 18,321
      Number of Images: 309,251
      Images Size (GB): 15.1
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2. Source: The Cancer Imaging Archive (TCIA) Public Access*
    • Prostate cancer T1- and T2-weighted magnetic resonance images (MRIs)
    • Collection Statistics
      Modalities: MR (T1, T2, and DCE sequences)
      Number of Patients: 92
      Number of Studies: 92
      Number of Series: 368
      Number of Images: 32,537
      Image Size (GB): 5.6
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*The Cancer Imaging Archive is a freely accessible repository containing medical images and supporting data from cancer patients. Images are stored in DICOM file format. The images are organized as “Collections”, typically patients related by a common disease (e.g. lung cancer), image modality (MRI, CT, etc) or research focus. Search functionality allows users to query across Collections or within them to filter out only the data they are most interested in.