Digital pathology and AI

Empowers pathologists and scientists

Benefits of using digital pathology (AI) in cancer diagnosis

Save lifes

Your knowlegde and experience is indispensable. Make diagnoses faster and be able to provide help for more patient.

Save time and money

Save whole slides from microscope using PathoCam software and camera.  Solution comes just at a fraction of a digital slide scanners cost.

Freely draw on the sample

Measure and annotate the regions of interest on the whole sample. Generate reliable results!

View slides in browser – even on mobile

Easily view samples in your browser with the help of our tools like zoom, draw, annotate and snapshot.

Advanced sharing

Safely share slides with other Pathologists. Save Whole slide Images and share with anyone anytime for second opinion​ by Google Drive/Link.

Better than human accuracy

Machine and Deep Learning (AI) algorithms make the process of segmentation and classification easier and much faster than ever before

Firslty, upload pathology images. Secondly, view them in your browser by zooming with ease. Meanwhile, annotate images and collaborate with other users. Simply use AI modules for support.

Use manual Whole Slide Imaging Software. Save time and cost. You only need to buy a camera and the pathocam whole slide imaging software. In short, that’s just a fraction of a slide scanners cost!

Artificial intelligence in digital pathology — PathoPlatform Overview

We won MICCAI 2015 and 2016 digital pathology competition

Challenge cup
Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted 2015

Competitions in the field of “Imaging & Digital Pathology”

  • 1st place in the competition in the Combined Radiology and Pathology Classification (Classification based on images of radiological and histological examinations)
  • 3th place in Segmentation of Nuclei in Pathology Images (segmentation of cells in histological images).

Read more about MICCAI 2015 Workshop and Challenges in Imaging & Digital Pathology


Technical information about digital pathology and AI

What is PathoPlatform ?

Pathoplatform connects the new technology of huge medical imaging and the machine and deep learning.  To clarify, we created software that provides image segmentation and classification of tumor cases from histopathological samples. Certainly, our solutions helps in making the process of segmentation and classification easier and much faster. Therefore each particular cancer diagnosis is reliable. Futhermore, it is possible for specialists from all over the world to share, discuss and analyze troubling cases among each other. We offer PathoPlatform (web viewer) and PathoCam (alternative for scanners). In short, our software provides to pathologists and scientists all the necessary tools to help them in their work.

How is AI and Deep Learning used in PathoPlatform?

Fiirstly, whole slide image is divided in small frames. Secondly, segmentation algorithm is used to extract nuclei. Further, frames are ranked based on the number of nuclei and the most dense frames are found. Meanwhile, each nucleus is classified with certain probability. Based on the percentage of nuclei of certain type each frame is classified. If the amount of frames classified as certain cancer  type is over specified threshold the whole sample is classified as that type.

Why PathoPlatform is usefull for experts?

PathoPlatform is a cloud-based platform where patients and doctors can:

  • Get the second opinion from an expert faster (video chat)
  • Get a remote diagnosis supported by available algorithms
  • Find similar cases
  • Share experiences with others

To sum up, this tool allows oncology experts to cooperate. Gather, share and analyze data for more efficient care intervention. In other words, it is a knowledge base, data store and analytical service for universities and medical centers.

I don’t need to wait for a free scanner and send huge files through an e-mail – the software does all the work for me.  PathoCam is basically faster, more accurate and cheaper than an ordinary scanner. Since the samples are stored in the cloud, I can view all my samples on a tablet or laptop from anywhere in the world.

Paweł Kołodziej

MD. Surgical and forensic pathologist