After the great victory in Munich, in the MICCAI competition, more and more often we hear about us in media.
All thanks to a system recognizing and diagnosing changes in the brain.

The inspiration to write this application was a family tragedy of one of ours developers.
In 6-year-old Jimmy doctors discovered a brain tumor of the size of tangerine. The sample was collected and diagnosed as an aggressive cancer in the third state.
The boy had a chemo. At the same time the sample was sent to another diagnostic center. After two weeks it turned out there was a mistake.
The tumor was benign, first state. Perhaps the doctor made a diagnostic mistake and it bothered me over the past two years to somehow help with diagnostic – says Piotr Krajewski,
who is also Jimmy uncle. He decided that with a group of IT developers will create an application to recognize brain tumors.

We still have a lot of work to do. For now the application recognizes two types of brain tumors, and there are more than 30 types.
Today we work side by side with doctors, from Lower Silesian Oncology Center, it will help us to improve the application further.

Perhaps in the future there will be no need to do a biopsy, thanks to the applications such as ours.

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