“AI is not sci-fi” review

According to the recently published review “AI is not sci-fi” – AI-based innovations play an increasingly important role not only in industry, but also in Polish medical facilities. A wide range of innovative solutions was presented in the review. It includes many advanced diagnostic support tools. You will be able to learn more about CancerCenter innovations and the review itself during the webinar planned for 28th of March.  (register today: https://aka.ms/webinarAI).

The overview is available here.

Innovations based on artificial intelligence algorithms are playing an increasingly important role not only in industry, but also in Polish medical facilities. The publication’s partners include, on the one hand, global giants, and, on the other, promising and thriving Polish startups.

AI is not sci- fi, it is the future of medicine

Medical facilities are increasingly turning to innovations based on artificial intelligence. Examples of such implementations were presented in the review “AI is not sci-fi”, which has just been released. Importantly, the publication provides not only information about specific solutions, but also about real benefits for patients, a medical facility, medical personnel and, finally, for the entire healthcare system. It also provides guidance for subsequent deployments.

Artificial Intelligence in health is not a sphere of plans or dreams. It is a reality and at the same time a great opportunity for more effective treatment. In practice, this means faster and more accurate diagnostics, implementation of appropriate treatment, as well as optimization of resources and costs.

notes the initiator of the review “AI is not sci-fi” and leader of the AI ​​Coalition wZdrowiu – Ligia Kornowska.

The review “AI is not sci-fi” was published in cooperation with the Polish Federation of Hospitals and the AI ​​wZdrowiu Coalition. The publication partners are: Abbott, British Embassy, ​​Aparito, ApoQlar, CMR Surgical, Cancer Center, LifeFlow, Microsoft, Radiato.ai, RSQ Technologies, Smith & Nephew and Upmedic.