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$1M grants for diagnostics of prostate cancer

$1M grants for diagnostics of prostate cancer

Diagnostics of prostate cancer - $1M grants from the National Center for Research and Development We got grants for the project: "Advanced diagnostics of prostate cancer using machine learning methods and deep learning". The aim of the project is to create a tool -...

CancerCenter.ai on Microsoft event for healthcare

We show our products - the Pathoplatform on Microsoft event: "Artificial intelligence, machine learning and Big Data in health MTC Warsaw on November 19, 2020, (Sztuczna inteligencja, uczenie maszynowe i Big Data w zdrowiu)

Roche Diagnostic supported by PathoPlatform

Roche Diagnostic supported by PathoPlatform

Roche Diagnostic Workshop for Pathologists uses our PathoPlatform We share our PathoPlatform (PathoViewer) for Online Workshop for Pathologist (Assesment of immunohistochemical predictors in non-small cell lung cancer) supported by Roche Diagnostic. Roche Diagnostic...

Kaggle MICCAI 2020 prostate cancer challenge

We take part in Kaggle/MICCAI 2020 challenge to classify Prostate cancer "Prostate cANcer graDe Assessment (PANDA) Challenge Prostate cancer diagnosis using the Gleason grading system" From the organizer website: With more than 1 million new diagnoses reported every...

AI to Detect COVID-19 on CT scans

Representative examples of the attention heatmaps generated using Grad-CAM method for (a) COVID-19, (b) CAP, and (c) Non-Pneumonia. The heatmaps are standard Jet colormap and overlapped on the original image, the red color highlights the activation region associated...