Cancer Center in Bridgehead 2022

Cancer Center was selected for Bridgehead 2022 together with 28 other european startups. In other words – we will receive tailor-made support to expand our presence to new European and global markets. 150 startups took part in the competition. The expert panel evaluated applications based on:

  • innovativeness of the solution,
  • business model
  • traction in the home market
  • readiness to expand to other European and global markets.

Thanks to the Bridgehead program, Cancer Center has a great chance to win new markets.

EIT Health Bridgehead 2022 overview

In this paragraph I will explain how EIT Health’s Bridgehead programme brings together European health entrepreneurs. Firstly, the aim of the project is to grow  business beyond its home markets. Secondly, the programme is supported by the world’s top incubators and accelerators. Certainly, with their expertise and resources startups are more likely to be successful. Bridgehead helps match scale-up with an incubator or accelerator from EIT Health’s approved network. These organizations are called Catalysers. To clarify, EUROPEAN CATALYSERS help to accelerate growth across an interconnected continent. Similarly, GLOBAL CATALYSERS provide the opportunity to expand into global markets including the USA, Canada, Israel, China, Japan and others. How to access new markets quickly and decisively? How to access infrastructure and understand new regulatory systems? Startups together with catalyzers solve these problems.

Bridgehead 2021success story

The successful start-up from the earlier edition is humanITcare. In 2021 they managed to build a bridge to the Brazilian market.

The Catalyser that supported humatITCare was StartUB. Thanks to their help, HumatITCare met new and potential customers. The result of their collaboration was as they could imagine. They managed to successfully implement collaborations with key hospitals and players in the Brazilian healthcare sector.  That all was possible thanks to the Bridgehead programme and EIT Health funding. In short, humanITcare built relationships with new businesses that will assist their growth.