We got grants for the project: “Advanced diagnostics of prostate cancer using machine learning methods and deep learning”

The aim of the project is to create a tool that allows to significantly accelerate and improve the quality of diagnostic processes associated with prostate cancer. Today’s diagnosis is based mainly on the analysis of medical images (histopathological, MRI, PET, CT scan, and USG). Statistics show a growing number of cases of cancer, while the number of diagnostic physicians increase is slower, and in some specialties, such as in the case of histopathologists – it decreases. This information clearly indicates a significant need to automate and shorten the time of a single diagnosis process. The subject of the project is the Applicant’s response to the market demand for the need to support the cancer diagnosis process in order to significantly accelerate it, increase the precision of quality tumor design, and thus reduce the risk of incorrect diagnoses and increase the effectiveness and precision of focal treatment, e.g. Hifu. This goal will be achieved through the development and testing of the use of machine learning methods and deep learning algorithms implemented on the platform for cancer diagnostics from MRI images, which will significantly increase the quality and accelerate an oncological diagnostic of prostate cancer. In addition, the created platform will enable remote consultation with a specialist, which will significantly decrease the waiting time for the second and subsequent opinion.

The project starts in 2021 and finishes in half of 2021.