Exciting News! Our very own CTO, Jarosław Kwiecień, and talented Full Stack Developer, Adam Zyzik, will be participating in the Potyczki Algorytmiczne (Algorithmic Showdown) next week!

What are Potyczki Algorytmiczne? They’re intense competitions where the brightest minds are solving complex algorithmic challenges and showcase their coding prowess.

The Algorithmic Showdown, first organized in 2005 by the Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics, and Mechanics at the University of Warsaw, in collaboration with Advanced Digital Broadcast, has become a renowned event in the programming community. It gathers participants from all over the country, fostering innovation and highlighting the best programming talents.

We’re incredibly proud to have Jarosław and Adam represent our company in this prestigious event. Their exceptional skills and innovative thinking make them the perfect candidates to tackle these algorithmic challenges head-on.

Good luck, Jarosław and Adam! We know you’ll make us proud and demonstrate why our team is at the forefront of cutting-edge technology.

Learn more about event by clicking links below:
Jarosław Kwiecień
Adam Zyzik