We are eagerly anticipating tomorrow’s panel discussion on the significance of algorithms for the advancement of artificial intelligence! Join this enlightening event organized by PTI – Polskie Towarzystwo Informatyczne, where they bring together industry experts and thought leaders to explore the future of artificial intelligence.

One of speakers at the event will be Jarosław Kwiecień, a Data Scientist and Technical Director at CancerCenter.ai.

He is also known for his achievements, such as being a double winner of the nationwide Olympiad in Informatics for high school students, achieving victory twice in the prestigious open competition “Potyczki Algorytmiczne” (Algorithmic Engagements) and attaining fifth place in the Academic World Championship in Team Programming, also known as “ACM ICPC.”. Also, last year, Jarosław successfully defended his master’s thesis, which garnered him the esteemed third prize in the PTI competition for the best master’s thesis in computer science.

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