Roche Diagnostic Workshop for Pathologists uses our PathoPlatform

We share our PathoPlatform (PathoViewer) for Online Workshop for Pathologist (Assesment of immunohistochemical predictors in non-small cell lung cancer) supported by Roche Diagnostic.

Roche Diagnostic Mission

Roche mission is to improve the lives of all patients afflicted with cancer. To that end, Roche uses innovative instruments and software solutions. Roche Tissue Diagnostics is the global leader in solutions for anatomical pathology labs to help prevent and diagnose cancer. The future of personalized healthcare lies in the integrated pathology instruments, clinically significant assays and tools that advance diagnostic certainty and optimize medical value. Together with Roche Poland, Cancer Center empowers pathologists education.

Workshop details

Roche Diagnostic organises interactive on-line workshop: Assesment of immunohistochemical predictors in non-small cell lung cancer. The workshops will be held on October 9, 2020 in the form of webinar. The formula of the event allow to listen to lectures, participate in workshops through individual assessment of preparations on the platform- PathoPlatform (PathoViewer)– and active participation in the discussion. Webinar is a comfortable training with outstanding lecturers, svsilsblr anywhere and on any devices thanks to Cancer Center product.