Scientific Conference:

Patient’s Safety and Health Care Professionals Management – International Experience

PIKMED is a pan regional organisational structure. It is a partnership between corporations operating in the medical and health protection sectors. This business cluster’s function is that of a  catalyst, stimulating cooperation between business, the academic sector, government and local administrations as well as playing an important role in influencing and promoting the growth of innovation in both the academic and business sectors.

The primary objective of the  PIKMED group is the creation of a network of cooperation enabling an effective connection platform, enabling the development potential of people and organisations.  This includes individuals, medical entities, businesses, universities, research institutes, local government units and business institutions in the field of medicine, health care and modern technologies in the medical industry.

Stermedia attended the conference which was divided into five parts:

Part I   –   Risk Management in Health Care

Part II  –   The Culture of Quality and Safety – discussion

Part III  –  Unwanted Events – And Then What? – discussion

Part IV  –  Systems for Managing Unwanted Events

Part V  –   Oxford Debate

Stermedia delivered  its presentation in part IV: the title was “Imaging Diagnostics of Brain Tumors”

It is our hope that thanks to PIKMED we will be able to develop our award winning project further and help the medical industry by offering our innovative solutions.