Thank you for SIR 2022!

CancerCenter participated in the SIR 2022- the seminal event in interventional radiology – held June 11-16, 2022 at the Boston Convention and Exposition Center (BCEC). We were there because we want to improve our tool for radiologists – RadiologyPlatform.

To clarify, the SIR Annual Scientific Meeting is the largest annual gathering of interventional radiologists in North America. Additionally, the SIR Expo is synonymous with the business of IR. It also serves as the meeting’s networking hub. Further, the Expo is the venue for hands-on workshops, simulation center, scientific posters, lecture series, and refreshment breaks.

SIR 2022 provided truly impactful opportunities to engage the society’s membership. Exhibits, corporate symposia, and a variety of impactful sponsorship opportunities were available for CancerCenter in those days.

What does SIR stand for?

SIR stands for Society of Interventional Radiology. This is a professional organization dedicated to advancing interventional radiology through research, education, and advocacy. The society was founded in 1972 and has grown into a global community of over 6,500 members worldwide. The goal of SIR is to promote interventional radiology and improve patient care through research and education.

Interventional radiologists perform minimally invasive procedures such as biopsies, angioplasties, and embolizations. They also provide diagnostic imaging services such as CT scans, MRIs, ultrasounds, and X-rays. They are trained to diagnose diseases using imaging techniques and then treat them using minimally invasive procedures.